drunk girl sports blogg

yeh i'm drunk and im a girl who loves sports. what of it?!


alright fuckers

can we see an actual game here puleeze??


is it bad to have a sex dream about kenny powers?

please destroy them suns

they are the yankees of the nba and they need to be handled

please utah please

where's that D????

black mamba


sad jamal

are we gonna see THREE sweeps in this round? REALLY?!


painful hawks....so painful!!


powe sighting!!! and on the cavs no less!!!
speakin of athletes i wanna do...

About Me

by day i have a life and educate youth (scary thought, eh?) but sometimes during the evening/night/weekend i get drunk and wanna rant about sports. i am a rabid sports fan and until i find a man and/or BFF who can tolerate and assuage my random ravings, i'ma spew it out into the internet world via this blog. enjoy!! happy hating :)